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Toro® 570 MPR Plus Spray Nozzles | Select your Model

Brand: Toro
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The Toro 570 MPR Plus Spray Nozzles are a must-have for any homeowner or landscaper looking to keep their lawn looking lush and healthy. These spray nozzles are designed with precision and efficiency in mind, ensuring that every inch of your lawn receives the perfect amount of water. With their multiple spray patterns, you can customize the watering to fit your lawn's unique needs. These nozzles are also made to last, with durable construction that can withstand harsh weather conditions and frequent use. And with easy installation and maintenance, you can enjoy a beautiful lawn without any hassle. Overall, the Toro 570 MPR Plus Spray Nozzles are a reliable and effective solution for any irrigation system, providing consistent and accurate watering to keep your lawn green and vibrant.
  • Operating pressure range: 20-75 psi
  • Recommended operating pressure: 30 psi
  • Flow Rate: 0.05 – 4.58 gpm
  • Nozzle trajectory
  • 5’: 5° - 8’: 10° - 10’: 17° - 12’: 24° - 15’: 28°
  • Corner and Side Strips: 17°
  • 8’ Flat Spray: 0°
  • Pre-installed Pressure Compensation Disc

 Toro® MPR Plus nozzles make system design and installation easier than ever. Simply select the needed radius and arc–the nozzle does everything else.

Five levels of trajectory to ensure optimal performance – 5’ at 5°, 8’ at 10°, 10’ at 17°, 12’ at 24°, and 15’ at 28°. Available with integrated Pressure Compensation ensures optimal nozzle performance

Available in radii of 5’, 8’, 10’, 12’, and 15, and Specialty corner and side strip patterns. Adjustment screw allows up to 25% radius reduction with MPR for ideal water distribution