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Toro® Precision™ Series Spray Nozzles Male Threaded w/Screen | Select your Model

Brand: Toro
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Toro® Precision™ Series Spray Nozzles offer unparalleled precision in watering, ensuring every inch of your turf receives the perfect amount of hydration. 

Compact yet powerful, the Toro® Precision™ Series Spray Nozzles optimize water flow for maximum efficiency.

  • Flow: 0.06-2.4 GPM (.2 - 9.6 LPM)
  • Pattern: 60, 90, 120, 150, 180, 210, 240, 270, 360 & Specialty
  • Precipitation Rate: ≤ 1"/hr (25 mm)
  • Radius: 5'-15' (1.5 m - 4.6 m)
  • Recommended Operating Pressure: 30 - 40 PSI
  • Male Threaded (Toro)

Toro® Precision™ Series Spray Nozzles are the most efficient spray nozzles available and feature proprietary H2O Chip Technology. With a precipitation rate of 1” per hour, Precision™ Series Spray Nozzles help irrigation professionals better manage water usage, eliminate runoff, and reduce their customers’ water bills. These nozzles are available in a wide variety of arcs and radii, as well as Toro (male) and female-threaded bodies, making them ideal for large-scale installations and retrofits. In addition, the best-in-class* Precision™ Series Spray nozzles are available with factory-installed Pressure Compensating Discs (PCD).


  • Patented H20 Chip Technology
  • Pressure-Compensating Versions Available
  • Design and Retrofit Effectiveness
  • Third-Party Performance Validation