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Toro - TL-FH75 TL-FH75 - Hose Adapter 3/4 in. Fht (16 mm - 18 mm OD)

Brand: Toro
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  • Made from premium-grade brass for lasting durability
  • Resistant to UV and chemicals for sturdiness and prolonged use
  • Designed for drip line irrigation system
  • Threaded ends allow for hassle-free installation

The Toro Hose Adapter Tri-Loc Series 16, 17, 18 mm OD Hose & Dripline Fht 3/4 in. is designed for your irrigation system. Made from a premium-grade material, this adapter offers lasting durability. It can be quickly inserted into a drip tubing and outlet barb. It is resistant to UV and chemicals for prolonged use.