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Best Lawn Sprinklers for Your Perfectly Manicured Turf

It’s always a great pleasure when you look out your window and see a beautifully laid lawn. You can’t help but feel some pride in your handiwork.

A healthy lawn requires lots of love, devotion, the right tools, and adequate maintenance. Most of this boils down to sufficient watering, which requires the right lawn sprinkler system.

It’s not just enough to turn it on and spray the liquid gold on your landscaping. You must have the right sprinkler best suited for your lawn; otherwise, your work will be futile. And a bad-looking lawn could affect your home’s value.

Let’s show you the best lawn sprinklers for your lawns.

What Are the Top Lawn Sprinklers?

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We’ve identified the best lawn sprinkler for each category. 

Category Brand
Ground Hunter PROS-04 Pro Spray Pop up Sprinkler
Impact Orbit 56470 Plastic Impact sprinkler
Heavy Duty Rainbird 35AADJTNT Riser Mounted Impact Sprinkler
Rotary Hunter I-90 ADV Sprinkler
Rotating Toro PRN-TA Precision Rotating Nozzle

Let’s check out the details of each of these sprinkler systems to see what makes them tick as the best sprinkler in their category. 

Ground Sprinklers: Hunter PROS 04 Pro Spray Pop Up Sprinkler

Hunter - PROS-04 - Pro Spray, 4 inch, Pop-up Spray Sprinkler
Hunter - PROS-04 - Pro Spray, 4 inch, Pop-up Spray Sprinkler

From watering homeowner’s turfs to servicing commercial green areas, this ground sprinkler saves you the stress of moving hoses around with its in-ground installation system.

The Hunter PROS 04 Pro Spray is available in different heights from shrub level to up to 12 inches.

This ground sprinkler comes with an exclusive body cap with Floguard technology. This feature prevents water leakages while turning the cap. The extra thick body is also built to be durable so that it can withstand high water pressure of up to 40 PSI.

The two-piece ratchet makes it simple to increase or decrease the amount of area for watering and vary the spray pattern.

Hunter Pro sprays are compatible with the Pro-fixed and Pro-adjustable nozzles from Hunter Industries that conform to industry standards.

The nozzles push out large water droplets for easier and more even watering. This fights the effects of windy conditions and minimizes the wastage of water.

It works with an automatic timer. There´s a five-year warranty on the product.

Impact Sprinklers: Orbit 56470 Plastic Impact Sprinkler

square feet, metal base, rain bird, lawns best, hose, pattern
Orbit - 56470 - Plastic Impact Sprinkle

This lawn sprinkler can water your lawn in a smart way. Its back and forth motion ensures you´ll cover up to 90 ft in diameter during watering. You can use it as a single sprinkler or in a series.

The Orbit 56470 sprinkler features an anti-backlash arm and a deflector shield to prevent water wastage and create your preferred spray pattern.

You can set up how much ground you want covered. The water pressure is also controllable with the diffuser screw.

Its plastic body makes it lightweight yet durable for many years.

Heavy Duty Sprinklers: Rainbird 35AADJTNT Riser Mounted Impact Sprinkler

Rain Bird - 35AADJTNT - FC/PC Impact 3/4 in. MIPT
Rain Bird - 35AADJTNT - FC/PC Impact 3/4 in. MIPT

With throw distances of up to 50ft, the Rainbird 35AADJTNT is excellent for lawns and large gardens that need heavy watering over a wide area.

This model also offers full and part circle adjustable coverage.

Designed after Rain Bird’s original impulse sprinkler first patented in 1933, the heavy-duty brass, bronze, and stainless steel design gives it its long-life qualities, with modern engineering adding to its durability.

These materials have been proven to have a longer lifespan than most zinc-made metal sprinklers. You can definitely trust this unit to keep your lawns green for a long time.

An added advantage of getting this for your garden is that it works just as well with dirty water—its straight-through flow minimizes clogging and enables easy exit of debris.

Rotary Sprinklers: Hunter I-90 ADV Sprinkler 

Hunter - I-90-ADV - 3 in. Pop-up Rotor; with Check Valve
Hunter - I-90-ADV - 3 in. Pop-up Rotor; with Check Valve

If you want an irrigation system for a wide range of shaped lawns, the Hunter I-90 ADV is your best bet.

It’s the type of sprinkler best suited for large-sized grounds. It’s also the right choice when you need to water commercial grounds like football fields and parks.

Each nozzle of the system has a watering radius of 30.8m. It shoots with a water pressure of 50 - 120 PSI.

The stainless steel spring ensures fast system activation and retraction. The set-up makes it easy to maintain as the parts are easily accessible without external aids.

It comes in two models. One is a full circle nozzle version, while the other is an arc model that can be adjusted.

Rotating: Toro PRN-TA Precision Rotating Nozzle

square feet, oscillating sprinklers, 13,500 square feet, stationary sprinkler
Toro - PRN-TA - Precision Rotating Nozzle, Adj, Male.

The Toro PRN-TA Precision Rotating Nozzle lawn sprinkler makes use of the same patented gear drive technology as Toro’s Golf rotors.

These Precision™ Series Rotating Nozzles deliver powerful wind-resistant, multi-trajectory streams and deliver a wide radius range of 14 to 26 feet.

Their watering characteristics are also unique, offering close-in and uniform distribution at a precipitation rate of 0.6 inches per hour.

It’s stable in the ground, rarely tips over, and although you might have to adjust it numerous times along a large strip, it still covers a reasonable enough distance to not have to do this in a medium-sized lawn.

It’s a great substitute for an oscillating sprinkler.  

Get the Best for Your Lawn and Your Money 

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We stock sprinklers and their parts from the best brands. From hoses, sprinkler heads, nozzles, rotors, valves, and controllers, among other parts, we’ve got your back when it comes to keeping your sprinkler system functional.

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