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Clean Rain Ultra Downspout Diverter

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Atlantics all-in-one rainwater filtration and collection system collects, cleans and filters rainwater and accommodates multiple connection methods for immediate or future use in the garden and around the yard. User-friendly construction makes the downspout diverter a breeze to install and just as easy to use, the perfect green product for anyone looking to save and re-use rainwater.

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Clean Rain Downspout Diverter Features:
  • Collects water from downspouts
  • Leaf Eater rain head deflects leaves and debris
  • Downspout Diverter automatically flushes away contaminants in the initial surge of runoff
  • Includes stainless steel mosquito-proof screen
  • Easy to install
  • Kit can be mounted at any height for easy maintenance
  • Works automatically once installed
  • Can be switched off in winter months
  • Connects to the majority of hose sizes