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Fountain Basins and Echo Chambers

Fountain Basins incorporate the features, strength, and ease of installation demanded by today's professional installers.
Atlantic's innovative design includes a flat, supported top deck with recessed plumbing channels and pocket for the New Triton 3-way manifold. Whether installing a bubbling urn, rock columns or a disappearing fountain, the versatility of the Fountain Basin makes them the right product for every job.

Fountain Basin Features
  1. One-piece construction provides exceptional strength

  2. Built in channels simplify installation; allowing the plumbing to be run on top of the basin.

  3. (7) molded cones support the top panel.

  4. Recessed pocket accepts the Triton 3 Way Manifold. Adjusting the water flow to multiple pieces has never been easier.

  5. Recessed pockets allow 1-1/2" conduit sleeves to be installed within the radius of the basin; allows access to pump cords and low voltage wiring when surrounding the unit with pavers.

  6. Flat panel for the installation of an AF1000 Auto-fill.

Echo Chamber Features

  1. Rugged HDPE or galvanized steel top grate for supporting gravel or stone

  2. Deep basin accommodates pump and check valve assembly (pump and assembly sold separately)

  3. Drill-point areas accommodate autofill assembly (assembly sold separately)

  4. Rugged high-molecular weight polyethylene shell warranted for life

  5. Drill-point areas accommodate the addition of overflows, cleanout drains, and lighting (all sold separately)

  6. Modular design allows two or more Echos to be joined together

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