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PRO Series Fast Falls

The innovative "inside the liner" design and rear liner attachment, simplifies installation.
Eight years ago, Atlantic pioneered the design of the pond-free waterfall spillway. In 2010 we are doing it again with introducing our NEW Pro Series FastFalls. These incredibly strong one-piece units feature an internal baffling system, support cones and re-enforced spillway.
  • Molded support cones give the Pro FastFalls incredible strength and help diffuse the water flow.
  • Two internal baffles slow down the water's velocity and ensure even water distribution across the spillway
  • Raised front radius olds back any loose gravel, soil, or mulch used to camouflage the top of the unit.
  • Pro FastFalls are completely sealed except for the spillway opening. This design eliminates any chance of leakage due to 'overpumping'
  • Mold gussets support the spillway lip
  • Pro FastFalls come with an installed 2" or 3" FIPT Spinweld fitting
  • One-piece liner flange and molded inserts ensure a watertight liner attachment every time.

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