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Hunter PRO-C Controllers and Timers

A complete family of modular, full-featured residential and light commercial controllers.
Packed with the most advanced features in residential control, the modular design of the Pro-C offers the flexibility to change the number of station outputs (from 3 to 15) at any time. That way, upgrades can be made to a landscape without having to change out the controller. From a contractor's standpoint, this also means that only the controller and modules need to be stocked, so maintaining inventory is simple and easy.
Modularity isn't all this controller has to offer. It is also compatible with Hunter's Solar Sync ET sensor. With the revolutionary Solar Sync sensor, the Pro-C is converted into a "smart controller", which regulates irrigation runtimes based on locally measured weather. Pro-C is also compatible with Hunter remotes for quick, wireless irrigation activation.
  • 468000 - Hunter Pro-C Internal Transformer 120/24VAC
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    Current Price $28.79

    Hunter - 468000 - Internal Transformer 120/24VAC

    In Stock (96)

    Internal Transformer 120/240VAC For Outdoor Models of: PC, PCC, & XC Controllers

    Original Price $32.00
    Current Price $28.79
    Save 10%
    In Stock (96)
  • Hunter - 387300 - Controller Lock and Key Set
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    Original Price $19.88
    Current Price $9.29

    Hunter - 387300 - Controller Lock and Key Set

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    387300 - Hunter Controller Lock and Key For: ACC, ICC Plastic Cabinet, ICC Metal Cabinet, I-CORE Plastic Cabinet, I-CORE Metal Cabinet, PRO-C, PRO...

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    Original Price $19.88
    Current Price $9.29
    Save 53%
    In Stock (7)
PC-300i - 3-station base unit controller, indoor model, plug-in transformer, expands to 15 stations
PC-300 - 3-station base unit controller, outdoor model, internal transformer, expands to 15 stations
PCM-300 - 3-station plug-in module for use with any PC controller model
PCM-900 - 9-station plug-in module for use with any PC controller model (expands Pro-C station capability to 15 stations with 1 PCM-300 installed)

Indoor Model: 8.3" H x 9.6" W x 3.7" D
(21.1 cm H x 24.4 cm W x 9.4 cm D)
• Outdoor Model: 8.9" H x 9.9" W x 4.3" D
(22.6 cm H x 25.1 cm W x 10.9 cm D)

• Outdoor models, 120VAC transformer with internal junction box
• Indoor model, 120VAC three prong plug-in transformer
• Station output 24VAC .56 Amps
• Transformer output 24VAC 1.0 Amps
• Capable of operating equivalent of 3 solenoids simultaneously
• Operating Temperature: 0 to 150° F
• NEMA rated outdoor cabinet
• CE/UL Listed
• 4 start times per program for repeat watering needs
• Up to six hours run time on each station
• Automated chronological ordering of start times/start time stacking
• 365-day calendar with leap year intelligence
• Programmable event day off allows specific day(s) to be designated as "always off"
• Rain Sensor bypass switch compatible with microswitch based sensors, displays when sensor is active
• Programmable delay between stations of zero seconds to 4 hours for well recovery or slow-closing valves
• Programmable rain delay for 1 to 7 days
• Compatible with Hunter's SRR and ICR remote control system
• Programmable pump/master valve circuit by station
• Hunter Quick Check(TM) helps troubleshoot field wiring problems
• Test program feature allows for quick system checks
• Central control compatible with Hunter IMMS system
• Automatic module recognition; automatically identifies stations when modules are installed or removed
• Non-volatile memory backs up watering programs and current date and time
• Electronic short circuit protection; detects and skips shorted stations, no fuse to replace

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