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Irritrol Rain Dial Sprinkler Timers

6, 9, and 12 stations, Outdoor/Indoor, Residential, Commercial
The Irritrol Rain Dial Smart Controller's advanced-design hybrid controller provides exceptional scheduling flexibility to accommodate a wide variety of landscape applications. Plus, the Rain Dial Smart Controller modular design offers convenient remote programming.
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    Irritrol - R8969 - Rain Dial External Key

    10+ day delay

    Irritrol RainDial External Key In addition to the numerous upgrades built into this popular, long-standing controller, the optional CLIMATE LOGIC...

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    Original Price $3.24
    Current Price $1.21
    Save 63%
    10+ day delay

New Key Features and Benefits

Remote-ready for Irritrol CMR-KIT & KSR-KIT-K remotes
Non-volatile memory
Water budgeting per program
365-day calendar for odd/even date watering
Master valve/pump start circuit assignable per station
Water well recovery (delay between stations)
Rain delay up to 9 days
Test all stations program
Manual station advance
Clear/erase memory by program

Electrical Specifications

Transformer input: 120 V ac, 60HZ (220/240 V ac, 50 Hz)
Transformer output: 24 V ac, .1.25 amps
Maximum output per station: 24 V ac, .5 amp
Maximum total output: 24 V ac, 1.0 amp (including master valve/pump start circuit)
Battery backup for "armchair" programming and
keeping current time and date: 9-volt alkaline (not included)
Program memory: non-volatile

Specifying information

Model Number of Stations Outdoor/Indoor
RD600-EXT 6 outdoor
RD900-EXT 9 outdoor
RD1200-EXT 12 outdoor
RD600-INT 6 indoor
RD900-INT 9 indoor
RD1200-INT 12 indoor

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