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Irritrol SmartDial Controllers

WeatherTRAK enabled ET controller
Irritrol SmartDial Controllers are a discontinued item - no longer available through Irritrol.

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Key Features and Benefits

Automatically adjust your watering scheduling daily according to
local weather.
Snap-in a Smart Dial module to upgrade any Rain Dial controller to "SMART TECHNOLOGY".
Rain sensor compatible to maximaze water savings.

Electrical Specifications

Transformer input: 120 V ac, 60 Hz (220/240, 50 Hz)
Transformer output: 24 V ac, 60 Hz
Maximum output per station: 24 V ac, .5 amp
Maximum output to valves: 24 V ac, 1.0 amp,

Specifying Information

Model Number of Stations Outdoor/Indoor Module
SD600-EXT 6 outdoor
SD900-EXT 9 outdoor
SD1200-EXT 12 outdoor
SD2400-EXT 24 outdoor
SD600-INT 6 indoor
SD900-INT 9 indoor
SD1200-INT 12 indoor
SD600-MOD 6 module
SD900-MOD 9 module
SD1200-MOD 12 module

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