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Rain Bird 5500 Rotors

With 5500 Series you get the durability and performance of Rain Bird's best commercial rotors in a package designed to excel in short to midrange applications.
Rain Bird 5500 Series Rotors are built tough to withstand the harshest conditions present in commercial rotor applications. They have been designed and tested to ensure high reliability and outstanding performance.
Color coded Rain Curtain nozzles give you optimal water distribution and close-in watering for greener grass with less water. Installation and maintenance is a breeze, with independently adjustable left and right side trips and easy arc adjustment from the top using only a flat bladed screwdriver.
Professional version of the Rain Bird 52sa Rotor
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    Rain Bird - ROTORTOOL - Rotor Adjustment Tool

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    Universal Rain Bird Rotor Tool Flat-blade screwdriver & riser pull-up tool Adjusts distance & amount of water Use to adjust and lift Rain...

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    Original Price $3.62
    Current Price $2.06
    Save 43%
    In Stock (123)
Operating Range
* Precipitation Rate: 0.21 to 1.48 in/hr (6,3 to 33,8 mm/h)
* Radius: 17 to 55 feet (5,2 to 16,8m)
* Pressure: 30 to 90 psi (2,1 to 6,2 Bars)
* Flow: 1.2 to 15.5 gpm (0,32 to 3,52 m3/h; 4,52 to 58,66 l/m)

* 3/4" (20/27) NPT or BSP female threaded inlet
* SAM check device holds up to 10 feet (3,1 m) of head
* Rain Curtain nozzles:
o 2.0 - Orange
o 3.0 - Red
o 4.0 - Black
o 5.0 - Yellow
o 6.0 - Light Blue
o 8.0 - Dark Green
o 10.0 - Grey
o 12.0 - Beige
o Short Throw Nozzle Tree (18S, 22S, 26S, 30S) - Aqua
* Nozzle outlet trajectory is 22°Dimensions
* Exposed diameter: 1 3/4" (4,4 cm)
* Overall diameter: 2 3/4" (7,0 cm)
* Overall height: 9 1/4" (23,5 cm)
* Pop-up height: 5" (12,7 cm)

Note: Pop-up height is measured from cover to the primary nozzle port. Overall body height is measured popped down.

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