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Toro Super 800 Rotors

Toro Super 800 Rotary Sprinklers are a DISCONTINUED item - no longer available through Toro.
As a replacement, we recommend the
Toro T5 series or
K-Rain ProPlus


  • Top arc indication for easy adjustments from 40° -360°
  • 5" (127mm) pop-up height clears tall grasses
  • Part- and full-circle arcs in one sprinkler offer convenience
  • Continuous unidirectional rotation provides uniform coverage when set at 360°
  • Smart Arc™ memory returns sprinkler to previously set arc if vandalized


• S800 - 5"Lawn Pop-up w/o Check Valve
• S800CK - 5" Lawn Pop-up w/Check Valve
• S800E - 5" Lawn Pop-up with Effluent Cover
• S800CKE - 5" Lawn Pop-up w/Check Valve and Effluent Cover
S800S - Shrub
• S800SE - Shrub w/Effluent Rubber Cover
• S800HP - 12" High Pop with check valve
• S800HPE - 12" High Pop w/Check Valve and Effluent Rubber Cover

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