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Unique Lighting 12 Volt Transformers

Unique Lighting Systems highest commitment is to set the standard for manufacturing, innovation and quality products.
All Unique transformers up to 1120 watts are Tru-Core designed transformers. Tru-Core Transformers are engineered and built by Unique with solid copper core windings and the highest quality materials.
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    Unique - SNPC2 - Snap In Photo Cell

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    Unique - SNPC2 - Snap In Photo Cell With adjustable goose neck cord

    Original Price $79.11
    Current Price $59.33
    Save 25%
    In Stock (15)

Low Volt Lighting Tranformers

Our online store has one of the largest warehouse selections of Unique transformers for landscape lighting.

Low Voltage Transformers for Lighting
Our high quality materials and precision grain-oriented steel laminations combine for an energy efficient product with very low no-load amps. We utilize dual layer insulation between the primary and secondary winding. As an industry leader we wind our own cores and specify all the materials including laminations, copper wire, surface area of the wire and more. You can buy a less expensive transformer, but you can only get the quality of a Tru-Core from Unique Lighting Systems.

We carry the full array of Unique 12 Volt Transformers.

  • Unique Multi-Matic
  • Unique I-Force
  • Unique H-force
  • Unique Pool Spa Transformers
  • Unique Direct Burial Transformers

Unique 12 Voltage Transformers

Discover the best low voltage transformers you have been looking for!