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Hunter IBV Valves

Constructed from solid brass to provide years of trouble-free operation in any water condition
  • It's rugged
  • It's reliable
  • It's constructed of solid brass
It's the Hunter IBV, a valve created for the fiercest conditions found on a commercial site. Featuring a brass body and bonnet, built to handle up to 220 PSI, the IBV also boasts a sturdy stainless steel flow control stem. The IBV was designed from the ground up to incorporate many of the industry-leading features found in Hunter valves including the solenoid and ICV diaphragm.
Add in a pair of options and provide the IBV with an even higher degree of dependable performance: the Accu-Sync pressure regulator maintains constant downstream pressure and the Filter Sentry system keeps the valve free of debris found in reclaimed water or ponds. The IBV. Built to withstand the rigors of high pressure situations and provide years of reliable operation.