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Hunter PRO-C Conventional (PCC)

A fixed-station, cost-effective control choice with easy operation and installation
Debating which controller to choose? The Hunter Pro C Series is your cost-effective irrigation controller. Focused on efficiency, the PCC is a simple option for fixed station control, when you know what you need. And if you elect to have the new Solar Sync as a running mate, the PCC is designed for the sensor to be installed directly in the controller cabinet, for a compact, coordinated sprinkler system.

Specifications & Features

  • Easy Retrieve Memory allows for retrieval of saved program.
  • Total run time calculator determines total of individual station run times per program.
  • Sensor programmable by station allows continued watering on specific zones during rain events.
  • Remote control ready. Supplied with connection for ROAM and ICR remote controls.
  • Large LCD display for simplified programming.
  • Independent scheduling options: Days of the week, odd/even, or 31-day intervals.
  • Non-volatile memory: No battery required for backing up programs and current date and time; holds programs indefinitely; excellent insurance against unreliable power.
  • Two levels of superior surge protection: Includes Hunter Quick Check™ self-diagnostic short circuit protection; microcircuits are protected from electrical spikes, with no fuses to worry about.
  • Three programs (A, B, C) with multiple start times: Independent programming handles various watering requirements.
  • Central control compatibility: Ready to work with Hunter's IMMS water management system.

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