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Irritrol CRR Controller Remote System

Irritrol® introduces the Contractor Residential Remote (CRR) with programmable handheld transmitter. The remote provides the installer, or maintenance personnel, the convenience and cost savings of one-person remote access. Use for system checks, troubleshooting, and supplemental watering as needed. An easily accessible mini-USB port on the handheld transmitter allows a computer connection for future upgrades or new product applications so there is no need to purchase a new remote as new features or controllers are added.
  • Labor savings
    Makes system testing and maintenance a one person job
  • Cost savings
    Programmable upgrades to the handheld without buying a new remote
  • Extra sales opportunity
    Remote kit for contractors to offer to the end user
  • “9999” selectable pin codes
    Individual PIN addresses reduce “cross talk” and unauthorized activity
  • Compatable with four series of Irritrol controllers
    The mini-receiver connects to the standard remote ports on 35 models
  • Programmable for future upgrades over the internet
    Computer connectable handheld allows downloadable features/updates
  • Works with the Irritrol Climate Logic® weather sensing system
    Allows remote access through Climate Logic
  • Range up to 1,000’ (line-of-sight)
    Adequate for large residential and small to medium commercial irrigation systems

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