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Irritrol Pro Max Remote Control System

The Pro Max Remote Control System eliminates lost time and energy roaming between the field and the controller.
It makes light work of system inspections and service work, providing field personnel with complete control over any compatible irrigation controller. At nearly a mile away, the operator can activate a single or multiple stations with the push of a button, permitting immediate observation of system operation and performance. The controller access code feature permits independent control of up to 999 controllers with permanent mount receivers.
  • PROMAX - Complete RainMaster Remote System
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    Original Price $2,691.41
    Current Price $2,162.74

    Irritrol - PROMAX - Complete Remote Kit

    Complete remote kit For Sentar II & Rain Master Eagle Controllers The Pro Max Remote Control System eliminates lost time and energy roaming b...

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    Original Price $2,691.41
    Current Price $2,162.74
    Save 20%
Key Features and Benefits
  • Complete remote control kit in an carrying case
  • Operates with several series of irritrol & other manufacturers' 24V AC controllers (UA version only)
  • Up to 1 mile range (line-of-sight)
  • Addresses up to 999 individual controllers
  • Remotely controls up to 200 stations
  • Quick connection/disconnection system

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