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Hunter I-35 Sierra Rotors

Hunter Sierra Rotors are a discontinued item - no longer available through Hunter. As a replacement, we recommend the Hunter PGJ Rotor series.

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    • I-35-06 - 6" Plastic riser, commercial duty rotor
    • I-35-06-SS - 6" Stainless steel riser, commercial duty rotor
    • I-35-06-SS-HS - 6" High-speed, stainless steel riser, commercial duty rotor

    • Overall height: I-35 (SS, SS-HS) - 10-3/8"
    • Female inlet: 1" NPT or BSP
    • Exposed diameter: 1-7/8"

    • Discharge rate: 7.7 to 31.5 GPM
    • Radius for I-35: 47' to 71'
    • Radius for I-35-HS: 42' to 67'
    • Recommended pressure range: 40 to 100 PSI
    • Operating pressure range: 40 to 100 PSI
    • Precipitation rates: approximately 0.67" to 1.2" per hour
    • Nozzle trajectory: 25°
    • Drain check valve for up to 10' elevation change

    • For quick, light wetdowns of sports fields or any areas that require dust control, Hunter offers the high-speed version, I-35 HS, that cuts full circle rotation time from three minutes down to one
    • Reclaimed water cover
    • Factory-installed nozzles

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