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Hunter Sprinkler Sensors

Fully automatic and easy to use, Hunter weather sensors prevent water waste and damage to your lines and rotors.
Avoid hazardous ice by installing temperature sensors to shut down your sprinklers in freezing conditions. When it precipitates, avoid redundant water use with Rain-Clik rain sensors. Wind-Clik wind sensors prevent water loss by shutting down your sprinklers in high-wind conditions so your water doesn't end up blown away where you don't want it.

Sprinkler Irrigation Sensors

Weather sensors are a necessity on any well-designed irrigation system to prevent watering during wind, rain, and freezing weather. Hunter also offers a soil moisture sensor to stop irrigation when soil moisture levels have been reached and Solar Sync®, offering smart control using ET adjustments to eliminate wasteful watering.

Hunter Sensors for Full Coverage Irrigation
Choose from among the best of Hunter lawn and grass sensors that will best fit your hunger sprinkler syste,

We carry the full array of Hunter Sensors.

  • Hunter Rain-Click Sensor
  • Hunter Mini-Click Sensor
  • Hunter Mini-Weather Station
  • Hunter Wind-Click Sensor
  • Hunter Freeze-Click Sensor
  • Hunter Rain-Click Sensor
  • Hunter ET System
  • Hunter Flow-Click Sensor
  • Hunter Sensor Accessories
  • Hunter SolarSync