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Hunter I-25 Rotors

More Distance, Larger Radius
The I-25 Ultra gets the job done while keeping your wallet at ease. This rotor covers more distance, hitting a radius of 40' to 71'. The compact and built-to-last construction comes with an optional stainless steel riser for tough-as-nails strength. With a 5-year warranty, the I-25 Ultra has options for reclaimed water ID and high-speed. A standard check valve is built in, and a wide selection of high performance nozzles are available. Hunter I-25 Ultra rotors cover more distance and larger radius. Efficient, tough, and built to last.
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    Hunter - 460010 - I-25 Nozzle Pack

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    Hunter 5 Standard Nozzle Set for I-25 Ultra Rotors: Nozzles are color-coded. Each standard nozzle has a number engraved on the outer surface. The n...

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    Original Price $4.83
    Current Price $2.74
    Save 43%
    In Stock (9)
  • Easy arc adjustment (50° - 360°): Full and part-circle operation in a single rotor. Helps reduce stock.
  • Automatic arc return: Returns to the original arc regardless of where the turret is turned.
  • Non-strippable, vandal-proof drive mechanism enables the turret to be turned without causing damage.
  • Full and part-circle operation in a single rotor: Helps reduce stock.
  • 12 color-coded nozzles: Easy to identify, great distribution uniformity.
  • Optional stainless steel riser: Perfect for harsh soil conditions.
  • Available in 4" or 6" pop up.
  • Drain check valve for up to 10 feet of elevation change: Conserves water, reduces liability.
  • Proven and tested water-lubricated gear drive system.
  • Reclaimed option available.
  • The perfect rotor for commercial and recreational sites.
  • I-25-04 - 3-1/2" Plastic riser, commercial duty rotor
  • I-25-04-SS - 3-1/2" Stainless steel riser, commercial duty rotor
  • I-25-04-SS-HS - 3-1/2" High speed, stainless steel riser, commercial duty rotor
  • I-25-06 - 5-1/2" Plastic riser, commercial duty rotor
  • I-25-06-SS - 5-1/2" Stainless steel riser, commercial duty rotor
  • I-25-06-SS-HS - 5-1/2" High speed, stainless steel riser, commercial duty rotor

  • Overall height:
  • I-25-04 (SS, SS-HS) - 7-7/8"
  • I-25-06 (SS, SS-HS) - 10-1/4"
  • Female inlet: 1" NPT or BSP
  • Exposed diameter: 1-7/8"

Operating Specifications
  • Discharge rate: 3.8 to 31.5 GPM
  • Radius for I-25-04, I-25-06: 40 feet to 71 feet
  • Radius for I-25-04-SS-HS, I-25-06-SS-HS: 37 feet to 67 feet
  • Recommended pressure range: 40 to 100 PSI
  • Operating pressure range: 40 to 100 PSI
  • Precipitation rates: approximately 0.23" to 0.57" per hour
  • Nozzle trajectory: 25°
  • Drain check valve for up to 10' elevation change

Options Available
  • For quick, light wetdowns of sports fields or any areas that require dust control, Hunter offers the high-speed version, I-25 HS, that cuts full circle rotation time from three minutes down to one.
  • Reclaimed water cover.
  • Factory-installed nozzles.




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